Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Sacred Invitation - Admiral Zheng He

Admiral Zheng He


Hajj 1431 – 1433 AD / 834 – 836 AH


Admiral Zheng He (1371-1433 AD / 772-836 AH) represents a generation of the Chinese empire’s naval supremacy. Serving under different emperors of the Ming dynasty, Zheng He was an explorer, diplomat and a fleet admiral, leading seven diplomatic voyages from 1405-1433AD / 807-836 AH. Born in Yunnan province in 1371 AD / 772 AH, Zheng He was raised in a Muslim noble family. “Zheng He’ was an honorific given by the Yongle Emperor in appreciation of his services to the imperial court. His surname, Ma, is an indication that he was a Muslim. His father, know as ‘Ma Haji’, provided stirring tales of his own adventures en route to Mecca. On Zheng He’s seventh and last voyage (1432-1433 AD / 835-836 AH), he finally reached the Holy City.

Extracted from the book: En Route to Mecca – Pilgrims’ Voices Throughout the Centuries

Publisher: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

(This book is published in conjunction with the En Route to Mecca: Pilgrims’ Voices Throughout the Centuries exhibition, launched in October 2009.)

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