Saturday, October 17, 2009

The prayer... the prayer

(O' you who believe! Seek help in patience and the Prayer.)

If you are beset with fear and anxieties, stand up right now and pray: your soul will find comfort and solace. The prayer - as long as you perform it sincerely with a wakeful heart - is guaranteed to have this effect for you.

Whenver the Prophet (bpuh) was afflicted with hardship, he would say:
"O' Bilal! Give us comfort and call for the prayer." The prayer was his joy and pleasure; it was his delight of his eye.

By earnestly performing the five daily prayers, we achieve the greatest blessings: atonement for our sins and an increase in rank with Allah. prayer is also a potent remedy for our sicknesses, for it instills faith in our souls. As for those that keep away from the Mosque and away from prayer, for them are unhappiness, wretchedness, and an embittered life.

(For them is destruction, and Allah will make their deeds vain.) (Qur'an 47:)

Extracted from "Don't Be Sad".

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